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Evolving Family Immigration Needs

Much has changed since the first immigrants gazed upon the welcoming beacon of the Statute of Liberty in New York Harbor in 1892. Back then, many immigrants arriving at Ellis Island had tearful memories of bidding a final goodbye to loved ones in their home country, without hope of ever seeing or speaking to them again.

Today’s modern immigrants are cosmopolitan and connected. With the advent of e-mail, social networking, the smartphone and accessible transportation, the fabric of the family itself has changed remarkably in the last two decades. It is quite common nowadays for families to be multinational, with mother born in one country, and dad a citizen of another.

Lovers meet online and form strong ties. Business travelers commute routinely from cities in Europe, Asia or across the world, to negotiate or conduct business in the United States. Today’s new-found connections carry the promise of permanent business or personal relationships tomorrow.

Making a Better Life for Oneself: The Driving Force That Never Changes

Although the tide of immigration ebbs and flows for various reasons, the driving force behind it remains the same. The quest for a better life is universal among immigrants.

Historically, people have migrated to America to flee starvation, poverty, war, or religious or political persecution.

In Colonial America, the vast majority of immigrants were indentured servants who worked as laborers or domestic workers in exchange for food or housing in their native land. Others migrated to America to gain religious freedom. In the mid 1840s to 1850s, over a million immigrants came from Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany to escape famine and disease during the great potato blight. In total, 30 million European settlers came to the United States from 1836 to 1914 through Ellis Island.

Cultural Diversity, the Strength of a Nation

For over 225 years, immigrants have brought innovative ideas, traditions, and a rich cultural heritage to America. Our nation has been strengthened in the process.

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