Internal News (English)

Story 1: Senora Ortega was hired on July 2012 for a case of Cancellation of Removal due to the facts that she has more than ten years in the United States, no criminal background, relatives and children with citizenship in the U.S, and her child has an extremely unusual sickness. Maria Jones Law Firm sent her asylum paperwork on December of 2012, and after a year and a half she finally received her notice to appear with the immigration court to start fighting her Cancellation of Removal case so that she may obtain permanent residency in America. We are glad to hear that her first master hearing will be set for September 2015. She is prepared with all of her supporting documents and will be coming back to the law firm soon to send in her Cancellation of Removal application along with her work permit application. The client, Senora Ortega, is excited to be in front of a judge and we are all hopeful that by 2016 she will become a permanent resident.

Story 2: Mr. Rios-Varga, another client of ours, came back to Maria Jones Law Firm because he wanted to terminate our services. Before anyone comes a negative conclusion, he did not want to terminate with us because of our services, but because this client was having financial issues and found that other firms were charging a bit less. Fortunately, an employee at the firm spoke with the financial department, reevaluated the case, and was able to have the price lowered for his case although with this type of case one must pay in full before action. Maria Jones Law Firm and the client both came to an agreement that the price would be $1000.00 less! Not only that, but we were also kind enough to give him the opportunity to place him on a payment plan which made him happy and less stressed. The firm definitely gave him peace of mind that he would have legal status in the near future, and that is what we try to do with all of our customers; giving them peace of mind that we will do all that we can for them.

Story 3: Mr. Hernandez, a client of ours, is married to a U.S citizen and a father of a child born in America. He entered America at the age of 19 on September of 2001 and is originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos. He is also a stepfather to his wife’s eldest child and has three other children from two previous relationships. Although he has many children, he is still a responsible adult with a parenting plan, and he provides for all of his children and his wife. He is an upstanding man, and even his employer says, “We are proud to support Mr. Hernandez in his desire for citizenship and wish every US citizen displayed the loyalty, dedication, and true ‘heart’ that he embodies. I have no doubt that when our forefathers imagined a land of opportunity that it was in reference to people like him who will only further enrich our country and many of its peoples’ lives.” Our firm is currently representing this dedicated man and we are doing a consular process waiver outside of the United States. Unfortunately, this means that he has to stay in Mexico, and because of this, his wife has been having psychological issues including depression. Mr. Hernandez has been convicted of interfering with judicial proceedings and was charged in the past with assault which is why we had to have him wait outside of the U.S. After completing probation for these crimes, the government decided to forgive him from his admissibility. We filed his waiver in April and it was shortly approved in July. He only waited outside of the country for three months! We are currently waiting for his passport through the transportation for the embassy of Juarez, and he will be returning shortly after this wait. Mr. Hernandez is overjoyed and he even has employment already waiting for him.