New Hires At Maria Jones Law Firm!!

This week, at Maria Jones Law Firm, there is an exciting update.

The firm has hired three new employees. Gabriel has been hired as a personal assistant, and he expressed, “I already love working here! To tell you a little about myself, I have been dealing with immigration my whole life. Growing up in a Hispanic community and having to go through the process of obtaining my work permit through DACA, immigration just circulated my day-to-day life, and it is was not easy. That is why I am so interested in these cases and laws that deal with immigration. I aspire to one day be the trailblazer who changes the world, and by being here, I can already see that my path is being set. Maria Jones Law Firm is certainly a place that helps people in situations like myself, and I am grateful for this firm and for all that they do for their clients.” Our next addition is Roberto Muniz. Raul Muniz is originally from a very diverse part of New York City. After retiring with 25 years of service in the NYC Fire Department, he moved to Phoenix to attend law school. He has practiced mostly immigration law as a solo practitioner for nearly 3 years, and he says, “I now have the great pleasure to join one of Arizona’s premier immigration law firms, the Maria Jones Law Firm. The Maria Jones Law Firm is a firm that I have long admired for their total commitment in assisting persons of walks of life with their immigration needs. The firm is the perfect fit for me, given my years as a public servant and my experience as an immigration attorney. I look forward to a rewarding and fulfilling career working with the great staff at the Maria Jones Law Firm.” Finally, we have Gabriella. She has over 5 years of experience as an immigration legal assistant, and she states, “I am a naturalized US citizen. Born in Mexico, immigration issues have affected my life and that of my family, so I am very passionate about immigration reform and find this career very satisfying both personally and professionally.” There you have it; three new recruits all excited to begin their careers here at the firm and they are all passionate about what they do. We certainly hope that our success will make them successful as well!