Internal News

1. Internal News –

Every once a month, Maria Jones Law Firm celebrates a monthly meeting. This meeting is designed to overview the highlights, goals, and upcoming events for the firm. On Friday, May 2, 2014, the monthly meeting for April was conducted by the finance team. During the meeting MJLF was honored to recognize three employees for their hard work and dedication: Carmen, Alejandro, and Christian. Maria Jones personally dedicated them a key to her personal success, a book entitled, “The Power”. In addition to such recognitions; the finance team, the clerk, and the attorney’s had amazing highlights to share with the firm.

Finance Highlight: Alejandro“Client has Individual in May of 2015 and his P.P. was set to end in October of 2016. I spoke to the client and told him that he had to be paid in full two months before his Individual. I changed his P.P. to where it would end 2 months prior to his Individual and adjusted his payments to double the amount that he was normally paying. He was very optimistic and said he will do it. Great outcome.”

Clerk: ChristianThe highlight for the month of April was that Gina and myself were able to finish sorting all the files for the clients to pick up. Also I collected about 800 files and with only 12 of them missing but were later retrieved.”


Anthony“After Mr.J Saldana was eligible for only voluntary departure relief due to a previous conviction, our office worked hard to guide client into getting his conviction set-aside. Additionally, through negotiation and discussion with government counsel, we were able to argue that client’s previous conviction would not prevent him from fighting for a cancellation of removal case. As such, client was able to get his case re-set to an individual hearing in 2018 and obtained a work permit and driver’s license. “

James “Over the last few months, I represented a client who was unable to attend his court hearing because he was stranded in Las Vegas for a baseball tournament he attended. The Judge ordered him deported for not showing up. He tried to file his own motion to reopen, but it was denied. At that point, he hired our law firm. I filed a motion to reconsider, and the prosecutor opposed it because, among other things, he told me he didn’t like my client. The motion to reconsider was denied, so we appealed the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. While on appeal, the prosecutor, in response to our appeal and motion to remand, changed his mind and filed a non-opposition to our motion to remand. With the non-opposition from the prosecutor, the client appears to have a much better chance of canceling his deportation, and becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States!”

Vanessa“This month I was able to help a client get released on his Own Recognizance before he was even transferred to an immigration detention center. His wife came to the office looking for legal advice as he had been taken into custody by ICE officials. She hired us to negotiate his release with a deportation officer so we promptly contacted ICE and begun discussing the client’s equities. After some negotiation, the client was released the same day without requiring a bond. The next day, I had the pleasure of meeting him in person as he and his wife came back to our office to hire us again, this time to fight against deportation in an upcoming hearing in front of the Phoenix immigration judge.”

Not to mention, this week Maria Jones Law Firm celebrated the anniversaries of three AMAZING employees:

Jackie Arias: She became a member of MJLF on April 30, 2013 as the Front desk receptionist for our Sales Department located in the 4thfloor. Jackie has been a great asset to the firm by helping clients to feel welcomed as soon as they walk in to the office for the first time. Jackie says: “I have officially worked at Maria Jones Law Firm for a year now. It has been an extremely rewarding and fun-filled year. I have grown and learned so much in such a short period. Looking forward to the next years to come”

Christian Navarro: Became of member of the MJLF on April 30, 2013 as the Office File Clerk. Christian is responsible for maintaining all the office supplies, getting all the files ready for the client’s appointments and responsible for several more duties. Due to his outstanding performance, Christian has been employee of the month twice during this year.

Yolanda Trujillo: Joined our Team on May 1, 2013 as a Front Desk Receptionist for our current clients in the 3rdfloor. Yolanda was recently promoted as a Legal Assistant Aid, assisting Legal Assistants and attorneys from the USCIS Department with the client’s packages. Yolanda has shown a real interest in the immigration Law and has gained a greater knowledge within this year. Yolanda is happy to share, “I have had a wonderful learning experience here at the firm. Every day I learn new things and new ways to help others in their case. It is very rewarding to help others on their road to legal status and to keep families together. I am very thankful to be part of the team”

Every year Tucson has a Coalition on May 1st. The coalition is for Immigrant rights. May 1 was chosen by mostly Latino immigrant groups in the United States as the day for the Great American Boycott, a general strike of illegal immigrant workers and supporters to protest s1070. The Maria Jones Law firm Tucson team attended this coalition that started at Santa Rita Park East 22n street 5:00 PM and they marched through 6thAve and ended the Coalition at Quincie Douglas Park on Kino and 36ths street. When Arrived at Quincie Douglas Park there was many People waiting for us there was a DJ set up so that people could start sharing their stories. Also they had free food and beverages for all those who had participated in the coalition. “I am really happy to be part of a company that supports its community” said Ms. Henriquez an employee of Maria Jones Law firm.The Firm has been doing this coalition for the past two years to support the Hispanic community and also all our current clients who are fighting for their rights.

2. Clients News –

STORY 1:Mrs.T Amador came to Maria Jones Law Firm to hire for Adjustment of Status (AOS). Some issues that occurred through Mrs.T process is that it took the firm two months to send the packet due to the fact that there were missing documents from the client. Maria Jones Law Firm guided them through the process of AOS as well as attended to their interview. When James (the attorney), prepared them for the interview, he mentioned they had a high possibility of having their case granted. The outcome was amazing, Mrs.Amador case was granted and now is scheduled to share her story with everyone!

STORY 2:Mrs.B Gonzales came to Maria Jones Law Firm because her husband had passed away and she wanted to know if she could adjust her status within the U.S. The issues Mrs.B had to confront were that she was scheduled three times for an interview with the USICS department, which had never occurred to any client before. Since she hired the Firm back in 2010, she continued to remain patient. It was an extremely difficult case for the reason being that Mrs.Gonzales was waived in at the border and was applying as widower. What Maria Jones Law Firm did for the firm is that they were along with the client every step since the very beginning and never hesitated that she was not going to win her case. The outcome turned out to be that Mrs.B was beyond happy with our services because her case was granted!!

STORY 3:Client came to MJLF because she was a former client of an attorney that was disbarred (KG) and needed representation and heard about MJFL from a friend . Client was seeking representation in Immigration Court Client had a great GALA type case, but was not scheduled for final hearing, until after child turned 21. We moved to advance hearing and had hearing take place before child aged out MJLF advanced her hearing, prepared all the documents and the client and won the case Client became a LPR, case was granted by IJ