New Trump Administration Immigration Announcement

Hello my name is James Winings

I am an immigration attorney at Maria Jones Law Firm and I want to talk to you today about recent announcements from the Trump Administration in regards to new rules that may make it more difficult for certain immigrants to become Permanent Residents of the United States The first thing I wanted you to know is that this does not apply to all immigrants who are applying to become Permanent Residents of the United States It will apply primarily to individuals who are getting their residency through a family-based petition. So, if you have an immigrant who is married to a citizen or they have a citizen brother who filed for them a long time ago or if you have a United States citizen son or daughter who is filing for you, you are more likely to be subject to these regulations as opposed to individuals who are just filling in based of violence they had suffered or based on a hardship their families will suffer if they would be removed from the United States in Immigration Court. These regulations make it more difficult to prove and establish that an immigrant will not become a public charge and what that means is that they will not become dependent on the government for public benefits such as food stamps, health insurance, or public housing. The immigration officers under these new regulations will be able to look at more factors such as the immigrants English speaking abilities such as past use of benefits in the past, or their health conditions and things like that. Based off of this information, the officer can possibly deny their application to become a Permanent Resident

Now a couple of things to keep in mind: They should not take in consideration public benefits used by the immigrant’s family members and the immigrant is not prohibited from seeking emergency medical health services only. Now there will be more work, there will be more paperwork and documentation that immigrants will have to go through but many immigrants still will be able to go forward and get residency. It will be even more important however to have a skilled attorney to guide you in your paperwork process because it is likely to become more difficult. I would add however that it is possible that these regulations will not go in effect. They haven't happened yet. They are scheduled to occur in October and they may be stopped by litigation of court cases. If you are looking to immigrate to the United States and you have any questions. We would love to help you!